Missing Keys

The shadows are long this evening,

Longer than the space between breaths,

Sat beside you I may be,

But dying a lonely death.


Cursing the air between us,

My body is crying out for you,

Hopeful and hopeless and aching,

But I doubt that you are too.


We are bursting with history,

But our memories are gathering dust,

Fraying at the edges,

I must move on I must.


You were the key to the cage of my heart,

You meant more than I let on,

It hurts more, knowing what I had,

To accept that now it’s gone.


Yes, maybe I’m the villain,

In this broken state of things,

Maybe I deserve it,

The pain that this all brings.


I never told you what you meant,

But I think that now I see,

I curse my past and present self,

You deserved so much more than me.


Worlds have changed between us,

Upon your hand a ring,

You were the fairest maiden,

And I the bastard King.


There’s an empty space inside me now,

You were my missing puzzle piece,

I get into bed like my covers a coffin,

And still, I lay, deceased.

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