The Mess I’m In Now

[I decided to deviate from my usual poetry and write a song instead (well, the lyrics at least.) As I can’t write actual notes or play an instrument you’ll just have to imagine some degree of instrumental in between each verse to account for the rhythm changes]


If I could take back time
I’d take all the curse words right out of my mouth
I’d send them down a river
Let the fish eat them like flies
Maybe you’d be sat next to me
And we’d talk like old times

I see your name in gold
And oh it’s rising to the sky
Makes its way through clouds of rain
Up to the gates on high
Do you hear the bells that play up there?
Are they as pretty as you hoped?
Down here the world’s less pretty
Now that I am on my own.

I see regrets before me just in front of my eyes
Oh and I cried at your funeral and the day I learned you died
I want to read that letter but your mum said no
So she’s burning it on Friday and all the words you wrote

There’s so many things that I would do
To see your face again
It’s your smile specifically I miss
I wish you’d dip into my dreams
A pleasant one this time
I don’t much like the bad ones
Oh they stick with me a while

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