Breezy Summer Love

[I completely forgot about this song oh dear my poor unloved creation I’m sorry]

So hold onto me and I’ll hold onto you
The world is big enough for just us two
Let’s watch sunsets
You get undressed
And love me like you’ve always wanted to

The sky is high and the lights are low
Let’s make moments take it slow
Hold me baby
I cannot breathe
When you put your big strong arms around me

I feel safe and I feel home
My heart is full and I’m not alone
Is this a dream?
Is this real life?
I know I’ve wanted this for a while.

Bless me and these summer days
Laid with you up in the shade
Sundress off, bikini on
Sunscreen and tanlines you can’t go wrong

With a breezy summer love
Sent from clouds above
Mimosas on the sidewalk
Learnin’ you’re not all talk
Take me to your house and take my clothes off

Fuck me in this summer heat
I don’t want love but you want me
It’s late July
And we’ll make do
It’s like Lana said ‘the world is built for two’

And I think it works well with me and you.

Come on darling, please don’t cry
I’m not worth it, please don’t mind
Let’s walk along the summer rain
I know that I don’t feel the same

I’ve never been one for serious
Makes me feel like I’m delirious
Don’t blame yourself
It’s not your fault
I never expected this to go so wrong

It’s not that I don’t like boys when they cry
I just can’t stay still I’ll surely die
I’m made for short, I’m made for nights
I can’t change God knows I’ve tried.

When the summer is over don’t say my name
I’ll be a memory, a distant game
And that’s okay
You said you wouldn’t mind
But it’s been a week and it’s you I find
A different kind of man
No one changes like that
Maybe it would never have worked
I was with someone who hasn’t learned

That women aren’t princesses
With tiaras and dresses
Who’ll change their minds
When they meet you

I know that it’s hard
But you still have your fight
The storm it has came
And there’s no more sunny days
So ride off
On your horse
Into the night

And lay beneath the stars
It’ll all be alright.
It’s under heavens you’ll find
You’ll be fine,
without me

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