Restless, he wakes
To a sky full of stars
And his thin bones are bruised
With most violet of scars.

A patch on his forearm
His hip bones, a peach
Distorts its perfection
With the autumn it reached.

When the branches hang not
With the weight of its friends,
And the fruit falls alone
To dry grass it descends.

He awoke to a ceiling
He had not seen before
And a headache that stretched
From his curls to his jaw.

Lights from the windows
Below heaven, on streets
The lamps light up paths
Where the mortals all meet.

Which makes it hurt more –
That he is so alone –
They left so much earlier
From the place he called home.

To the world past the glass
He casts his eyes, only two,
From horizon to starlight
Hopes he returns soon.

There’s a humbling pi(e)ty
To these toy tin human things
Words tumble on tongues
Where are my wings?

A Request for Gabriel

There’s a place that I call home
Just beyond the sea
Underneath the cotton clouds
An island far from me

My lover stands there waiting
And the land is touched by god
It’s Genesis over again
My name is Eve will you be my friend

We’ll say no to snakes of old
And be the ones legend foretold
We’ll be all human no mistakes
So take me there before I wake

There are times I close my eyes
And listen for the angel cries
I know that you don’t look how they say you do

No golden curls for boys and girls
Hair like light and eyes like pearls
Four wings and arms entrenched in sight
I’ll stare right back you can tell Him that I tried

Look past my face and see my words
Blessings please, I feel so cursed
I don’t know what it means to be
But I think I’m just done with being me

So take me to the island
My hand’s open arms outstretched
A close ending’s not what I want
But it’s really not farfetched

There are tubs of raven ink left
And three quarters half the pages
Would you write it for me?
Make an opus for the ages

I’m not quite The Redeemer
But I sure can try my best
Try not to sin when I see Bathsheba
But I’ll die like all the rest

And that’s not what I’m fighting
Conventional is what I crave
But I won’t get that here
I don’t think I’m quite that brave

Eighty years upon this rock?
Saying I can is empty talk
I don’t want to break this promise

Cos Gabriel, I know what happens
I know, I know how I end
The broken nib, the broken pens
Send me, send me my godsend

A forest of green and grass and tree
A view of ocean, sand, and sea
My Adam laying next to me

This is what I asked for
My heart’s already there
If I ask you everyday
Will you answer my prayer?

Will I be there when I wake?
A fresh new start, worlds apart
Eden’s here I’m out the dark
And the sunlight feels so warm on my face
Is this, what you meant by grace?